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Hey guys! Welcome to small craft in the city, my friend Elizabeth and I went leisurely day shopping at the mall, when we stumbled upon this exhibition of the most curious, it was to give a new vision to the ancient paintings, modernizing they.
Do you see a ride with us?

¡Hey chicos! Bienvenidos al pequeño arte en la ciudad, mi amiga Isabel y yo nos fuimos un día de compras tranquilamente al centro comercial, cuando nos topamos con esta exposición de lo más curiosa, se trataba de darle una nueva visión a las pinturas antiguas, modernizándolas, y caricaturizándolas.

¿Os dais un paseo con nosotras?

Do you know what this picture? Well, not sound like much, being a Spanish painter, but is "Las Meninas" by Velazquez, obviously this is not the original. Mind you, there was the whole royal family unless kings as kings did not want to be portrayed, the painter Velazquez, and if you look behind a mirror, in which, unbeknownst to the kings, Velazquez managed to portray. Technically not portrayed them, portrayed his reflection!

¿Sabéis cual es este cuadro? Pues bien, igual no os suena mucho, al ser un pintor español, pero es: "Las meninas" de Velázquez, obviamente éste no es el original. Fijaos bien, ahí estaba toda la familia real menos los reyes, ya que los reyes no querían ser retratados, el pintor es Velázquez, y si os fijais, detrás hay un espejo, en el cual, sin saberlo los reyes, Velázquez se las ingenió para retratarlos. Técnicamente no los retrató a ellos, ¡Retrató su reflejo!

Here is our painter Vincent Van Gogh (This I know more than you?) And a new vision of his famous painting "Sunflowers". Vincent Van Gogh was post-impressionist, and there is a long story about him, the Impressionists see reality in a different article to see nosotros.Fijaos as well in the brushstrokes and the waves of the canvas, the Impressionists not capture shapes and figures and details, capture colors, prints and try to translate them.

Aquí tenemos a nuestro pintor Vicent Van Gogh, (Éste lo conocéis más verdad?) Y una nueva visión de su famosísimo cuadro de "los girasoles". Vicent Van Gogh era considerado post-impresionista, y hay una larga historia sobre él, los impresionistas ven la realidad de manera distina a como la vemos nosotros.Fijaos bien en las pinceladas y las ondas del lienzo, los impresionistas no captan formas y figuras y detalles, captan colores, impresiones e intentan plasmarlos.

Here we have the most beautiful old, "The Mona Lisa" by Leonardo DaVinci, with an enigmatic smile and according to Greek proportions, the perception of proportionality and beauty, each trait is the height it should be.

Aquí tenemos a la mayor belleza antigua, "La mona Lisa" de Leonardo DaVinci, con una sonrisa enigmática y según las proporciones griegas, la percepción de la proporcionalidad y belleza, cada rasgo está  a la altura que debería estar.

Isabel, with the perfect man, explaining perfect body measurements, surely you have ever seen this sketch right?

Isabel, con el hombre perfecto, donde explica las medidas perfectas del cuerpo, seguro que alguna vez habéis visto este boceto ¿verdad?

And here the last frame, a re-representation of the "Naked Maja" and "Clothed Maja" by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.

Y aquí el último cuadro, una re-representación de la "Maja desnuda" y "Maja Vestida" de  Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.

Isa: Bag: MSK/ Shirt; Mango / Shorts: Zara
 Shoes: MSTG

Top: Bershka/Pink Top: Zara /Shorts: Stradivarius / Shoes: Converse / Necklace: Old

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que divertida la exposición ! Donde es ??

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You guys both look adorable, and the artwork is so great =D

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Angelica Ng dijo...

What an interesting thing to come across in the mall! I love cultural exhibitions as much as I love fashion exhibitions.

sophia -stacy dijo...

I just love these pics! Las meninas are amazing! I love art and this is really fresh! I m glad you love it too!!! Btw Great outfits!!! xoxo

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I am also very very new to the blogging world, even more new than you. I am happy to follow every blog I encounter that really strikes me and I find the posts I've read on yours very interesting. I like the diversity and the fun that beams of the screen.

Concerning this post, I love it when something existing is taken, some humor is added and the result is great.
Just one remark... Van Gogh, and especially his latest works, can not exactly be called impressionism. There's a huge difference with for example impressionist painter Monet. Van Gogh is more of a post-impressionist, less 'blurry' and more focused on the emotions of the human being.
Don't want to come over as a "know-it-all", but I am really passionate about art and especially Van Gogh... Hope you can forgive me being a real precisian.

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. i really appreciate your kind words. And thanks for giving me the chance to explore your blog. Really happy to having discover it!


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